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. "Would you like to receive compliments
when you furnish hors d'oeuvres/snacks at parties?"

Recipes For Excellent Cooks
    Who Cook With Pride

These recipes are for people who entertain and like to receive admiration and compliments for their exceptionally tasty dishes.

If you entertain friends or have to bring food to gatherings and parties these are dishes you need if you want to make everyone happy when they eat your food.  Make sure you bring a large amount of these items because some people will get seconds and thirds befoe everyone gets their first helping.  You will be amazed at the popularity of these dishes.  If they know that you were the cook, you will receive lots of compliments and requests for your recipes.

  Pumpkin Roll

The Pumpkin Roll cake looks different which will cause most everyone to sample it and has a very delicious unique taste which will bring you many compliments.

  Mystery Balls 1

These Balls are better than most any other similar food ball.  The taste is very smooth, delicious, and unique.  When you start eating them it is hard to stop. Everyone will want the recipe.

  Mystery Balls 2

These Balls make your mouth water just looking at them and they taste even better than you imagined.  Be sure and make enough for the entire crowd so everyone can eat some of them.

  Banana Loaf

This Banana Loaf is a favorite of people who like bananas, which is most everyone.  The Banana Loaf as well as the other recipes make excellent gifts for any occasion and especially Christmas.

  Throw Rug

This Throw Rug is easy to make if you follow the instructions in the pattern.  If you are into arts and crafts shows, it will be a good seller.  It makes a great outstanding much appreciated gift to friends and loved ones as well as for your own use.  You can use any combination of colors to suit your taste, or your friends', or customers' taste.  It is very outstanding and looks great when used at any place where a throw rug is appropriate.  My wife has made and sold hundreds of these Throw Rugs, very popular and useful.

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