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"What would you do if a crooked judicial team robs
you, or sentences you to prison, or execution?"

 "Like to eliminate Judicial Defects & Corruption
                that could rob you, convict, or execute you
                   for something you did not do?"

      In one recent rare news report, a man was sentenced to death, for a murder in which he had no involvement, while producing proof that he was 350 miles from the scene and time of the murder.  Years later, a DNA test finally proved his innocence, and made the news, but he came extremely close to execution due to corruption or defects in our judicial system.
      Another example, 16 death row prisoners were recently released in Illinois because DNA tests proved that they had been convicted for crimes they did not commit.  Obviously, these judicial travesties are occurring daily nationwide in Civil and Criminal court, including where you live.   These miscarriages of justice were either judicial defects or corruption.  You could have been, or could become, one of these people illegally convicted.  You probably think, "that could not happen to me" but, that is obviously what the innocent conviction victims thought before they were illegally convicted.  But then, why risk it, when a small amount of your effort can eliminate most of this risk.
      Do you really care about justice in America, or just pretend that you care?  We fought several wars with millions of Americans killed for justice and liberty but our judicial system is a farce.  I came within 1 1/2 seconds of being killed by a Japanese Kamikaze plane risking my life in World War II for justice, what have you done for justice?  We have laws requiring judges and district attorneys to produce justice, BUT, there is no enforcement to make them obey the law.  Let us show you the defects in our judicial system and how to correct the defects.  Our pledge of allegiance says "liberty and justice for all".  We should remove our judicial defects or remove the word justice.  A quote from a jury Questionnaire: "The judicial system is one of the most important branches of our government, and if it does not work, then our country cannot survive".
      Judicial defects and corruption that convicts innocent people instead of criminals, means more criminals walking free, more crime, and more risk to you and me.  the same miscarriage of justice atrocities happen in civil court and can rob you of everything you own now or ever own?
      Did you really know our judicial system is a giant cover-up system with no recourse against judges and district attorneys for misconduct, rip-offs, and atrocities?  99% of these miscarriage of justice atrocities are never reported in the news media because the news media is supposed to protect the "integrity" of our judicial system..
      All judges, district attorneys, and police are not crooks, but, skillful con artists look and sound more honest than honest people look and sound.  You can not tell the difference unless you become one of their victims.  The unraveling of the Enron, and other corporate, political and financial Scams focuses on how easily everyone can be conned by our political and judiciary system.
      Here is what readers are saying about this ebook, which is typical comments:
      "Your ebook about judicial corruption and suggested corrections is meticulous, necessary, and is must reading for every American citizen.  The risk, due to legal loopholes allowing immunity for judges, district attorneys, and police to disobey the law and not produce justice, is like a rattlesnake sleeping under your bed that could bite you without notice." Mike Lustri, McDonough, Ga, Former Chairperson - Henry County Democratic Party
      "Your ebook, How To Eliminate JUDICIAL CORRUPTION & Defects In Our Judicial System, is a book for those that think it can't happen to them.  I especially like your ideas regarding overhauling the criminal justice system." Roy Harrell, Candidate for Henry County Magistrate Judge
      This is a very serious problem but it can be easily corrected with your help and you can learn how right now and avoid this rapidly worsening risk.  You are at risk beyond your wildest imagination.  This ebook exposes the judicial defects and proposes workable solutions that can be obtained with your help which would eliminate most of this risk
      The price is $14.97 but for a limited time, we will deliver this book to you for for $9.97 (plus 70 cents sales tax if you live in Georgia).  If you decide that you do not like our judicial correction proposals and notify us by email within thirty days and tell us why you do not like our proposals, we will refund your money, no risk, no hassle.  (This guarantee does not apply to judges, district attorneys, or corruption and crime perpetrators.)
      You can download this book within 5 minutes, so you can read it right now.  No trip to the book store, no waiting for shipping.  It will show your patriotism for actual justice and can start you on the road to a safer life for you, your family, and friends, guaranteed.  You can click now on order online to claim your book right now to Stop Judicial Corruption and prevent your current high risk of becoming a victim thereof.
      You will help us help you, and help others who need our information if you will tell us the name of the Referral Person or Search Engine plus the search Keyword(s) you used to locate this website.
      The only thing you can lose is the opportunity to help create a safer judicial system with real justice for all Americans including yourself, if you do not obtain this ebook.  So, if you are a concerned responsible citizen, you should go ahead right now and take advantage of this reduced price.
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  We welcome your comments about the topics on this website. Our goal is to improve the political, judicial, financial, retirement, and health condition of the American public at large.  We welcome your comments whether you read this book or not.  If this page did not provide information you would need to order this book, please  CLICK HERE and visit our guestbook then give us your comments about these topics.  If you would prefer to continue our current judicial defects and corruption, we still want your comments.

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