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Education "How-to Books" Forbidden in Our Education System by Politicians to hide scams.

Price and Payment in US Dollars

A. Postgraduate Grassroot Political Economics 4 books education course(Instant download) How To Create Jobs, THE RAPED PAYCHECK, SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE, and CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY, all pdf format $64.80,TEST - $.10

B. Postgraduate Grassroot Political Economics and Humanities 6 books education course (Instant download) How To Create Jobs, THE RAPED PAYCHECK, SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY, and Find, Capture, and Keep Your Dream Man Forever, Remove Your Smoking and Weight Gain Habit and health Tips, pdf format $99.70,TEST $.10

1. SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book (Instant download) - $14.95

2. SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book (Ship paperback bound book - allow up to 2 weeks - $14.95 plus $5.95 S&H) - $20.90
name, complete Address

3. CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County & Bush Phony Oil Shortage book (Instant download) - $14.95

4.CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County & Bush Phony Oil Shortage - $14.95, (Paperback Bound) S & H $5.95-= 20.90

5. How To Create Jobs - Democracy Standards book (Instant download - $39.95) - $19.95-

6. How To Create Jobs (paperback bound book) - allow 4 to 6 weeks - $39.95 plus $5.95 S&H = $45.90) Sale Price- $25.95 -

7. How To Find Capture And Keep Your Dream Man Forever book (Instant download) - $39.95) Zle Price- $19.95 -

8. How To Find Capture And Keep Your Dream Man Forever book(Papaperback Bound) - allow up 4 to 6 weeks - $39.95 plus $5.95 S&H = $44.45) - $25.90,

9. THE RAPED PAYCHECK book (Instant download) - ($39.95) sale Price- $19.95, TEST $.10

10. THE RAPED PAYCHECK (Bound Book - 4 to 6 weeks delivery - ($39.95) sale Price$19.95 plus $5.95 S&H) - $26.90

11. Remove Your Smoking Habit & Weight Gain Habit book(Instant download $24.95) Sale Price - $19.95

12. Jeff Goolsby TripleView Mirrors ($31.90 Pair Discount for advance order) - $20.00
13. Click and make a campaign Contribution to a Democrat Candidate of your choice. Maximum for each individual contributor is $2,500 for each Primary, Runoff, and General Election. Send email to us and Candidate. Click Contribution Rules for additional Rules information, $___________

14. Click and make a Contribution to D-EAT "Take Back Our Democracy" effort $__________

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